30 Mart 2015 Pazartesi


ARYBALLOS: Term for a small Greek vase or a large Inca pottery jar. The Greek flask was one-handled, normally globular (quasispherical or pear-shaped), with a narrowing neck. It was used mostly for oil, perfume, unguent, or condiments and stood about 5–8 cm (2–3 inches) high. Aryballos were originally made at Corinth from about 575 bc. There were painted patterns on them until 550 bc and sometimes patterns were engraved. From the Greek for “bag” or “purse.” The Inca version was a large jar with a conical base, tall narrow neck, and flaring rim. It was used for carrying liquids, designed to be carried on the back by a rope which passed through two strap handles low on the jar’s body and over a nubbin at the base of the jar neck. [aryballus]

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