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ARMOR: Protective clothing with the ability to deflect or absorb arrows, bullets, lances, swords, or other weapons during combat. There are three main types: (1) armor made of leather, fabric, or mixed materials reinforced by quilting or felt; (2) mail of interwoven rings of iron or steel; and (3) rigid armor of metal, plastic, horn, wood, or other tough material, including plate armor of the Middle Ages’ knights. Armor was used well before historical records were kept by primitive arriors. The first was likely made of leather hides and included helmets. It was found that in the 11th century bc, Chinese warriors wore five to seven layers of rhinoceros skin. Greek heavy infantry wore thick, multilayered linen cuirasses in the 5th century bc. Armor is found along with arrows, clubs, hammers, hatchets, and other weaponry and is often ornamented. The defensive armor, shield, and thorax were
called hopla, and people wearing them were called hoplites. [armour, arms, body armor]

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